• From October 22nd to November 11th, China Residencies is pleased to give space and support to brittany ko & annakai geshlider for a #slowtrainresidency unlike any other. 

    "The worlds in which we live coax and demand that we move faster than we are moving at any given time. When riding a slow train, we can surrender control. The very idea of choosing a slow train is rooted in our desire to practice new rhythms, alternative to the Get There Fast. We will question the incessant messaging that calls for streamlined efficiency and places The Destination over The Journey.

    Sometimes our minds enter the Race Against Time which we never consented to joining. We hope to ride the train in an active manner. We will listen acutely to the knowledge shared by the folk around us—rather than attempt to curate a particular experience using the manifold devices created by late capitalism to eliminate mystery. Irksomely often we find ourselves in a dizzy spell trying to SQUEEZE THE MOST TIME OUT OF TIME. Using the space of the train, how can we learn to free ourselves from the delusion that we're living in a time shortage? 

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About the artists:

BK & AK are flies on the wall who talk back. They live by a strict self-determined regimen with a flimsy lid. NOTHING EVER HAPPENS. IT JUST IS.