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Two To Three 二到三 Open Call 2016 [Deadline Extended!]

September 18, 2016 04:15

[Due to the large number of requests, we've extended the deadline to November 7th! You now have another week to apply]

China Residencies is excited to announce the third open call for “Two to Three 二到三”, a program which will send two to three Australian artists to China for 4-8 weeks on funded residencies (covering flights, visa, accommodation, and a stipend) at partner organizations in second and third tier cities.  

To qualify, applicant must:

  • - Be an Australian citizen or current resident in Australia 
  • - Be available for a 4-8 week residency period between December 2016 and February 2017
  • - Have previously visited China

  • There ...
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ARTIST PROFILE :: Tan Ray Tat ("Internet Meat") at Basement6

September 14, 2016 06:04

China Residencies spoke to Malaysian net-artist Tan Ray Tat, who goes by moniker Wang Rou ("Internet Meat"), about his residency at Shanghai residency Basement6.

CR: Tell us about yourself, your background, and your Wang Rou 网肉 moniker.
TRT: My name is 陈睿达. I was born in Kuala Lumpur and trained and worked as a motion graphic designer before going to art school.

I do a browser performance series where I talk into a mic while projecting my actions – clicking through tabs of my emails, YouTube videos, and screenshots repurposed for the story. There is an ongoing narrative that develops each time I perform. Wang Rou is a username ...

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RESIDENCY PROFILE :: Qingyun 青云 - Takeo Ni 倪岛岛

September 13, 2016 21:16

In August, we visited the brand new Qingyun International Art Center on the southern outskirts of Beijing, to learn about their expansive plans and mission to combine traditional culture and heritage with contemporary art and design. We spoke with residency coordinator Takeo Ni 倪岛岛:

  • CR: When did this idea for the Qingyun Art Centre come about?
  • TN: Professor Liu Liyu started thinking about it long ago. She was teaching glass art at Tsinghua. Her sister, Liu Liyun, a sculptor and ceramicist, joined her in setting up the arts centre, which opened officially with an exhibition at the end of 2015.

  • CR: What did these buil ...
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Fall 2016 Deadlines + Open Calls + Opportunities

August 29, 2016 11:43

Here's a short list of deadlines for residencies, professional development, calls for papers, jobs & lots of different things you can apply for this fall that have a connection to China. We'll update this post regularly until December 20th, if you come across something that belongs here, please send us your tips to nihao [at]!


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Announcing the Selected & Shortlisted Research Projects for the 3rd Crystal Ruth Bell Residency

August 23, 2016 04:44

This year, we're honored to have received nearly 400 project proposals from individuals and collectives with research-based practiced for the 3rd edition of the Crystal Ruth Bell Residency at Red Gate this winter.

The 2016 Crystal Ruth Bell Residency Re: Search recipients are Fredman Barahona & Guillermo Sáenz, from Managua, Nicaragua.

"Cartas Mojadas / Wet Letters / 濕字母 is an interactive installation performance project that will question the idea of the inter oceanic canal in Nicaragua as the only economic way of a promising future."  

correspondance, interactive installation & performance

Below are excerp ...

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RESIDENCY PROFILE :: Yinzi Theater - Hu Yn

August 11, 2016 18:26

China Residencies sat down and talked to Hu Yin, founder of YINZI Theater in Chongqing about their two-week performance artist residency, and the challenges of running and promoting an experimental theater in a creative district dominated by the visual arts.

China Residencies: How long has YINZI Theater been around for? 
Hu Yin: Hu Ying Theater was the predecessor of YINZI, and was started in September 2010. In 2011 we established YINZI, and I’ve officially been running the institution since 2012 after a few months of prep work. It’s been 5 years now.

CR: When did you start the residency program? 
HY: We established the r ...

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RESIDENCY PROFILE :: XuCun International Art Commune - Qu Yan

August 06, 2016 16:04

China Residencies met with Qu Yan, artist and founder of XuCun International Art Commune, in his studio in Huairou's Qiaozi Art Community to talk about the unique challenges of running an international residency in a 2,000-year-old agricultural village.

China Residencies: When did the project start? How do you find about the village of Xucun in Shanxi province?
Qu Yan:  I cam across Xucun around 2007, it was very coincidental. I had been working on my village photography project since 2005, and I happened to find this place deep inside the Tai Hang Mountain. There are still partial remnants of the village's trad ...

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RESIDENCY PROFILE :: Basement6 - Katy Roseland

August 05, 2016 16:25

Katy Roseland is the co-founder of Basement6 Collective, as well as an artist currently taking part in the Swatch Art Peace Hotel residency. She recently created an Artist's Guide to WeChat for China Residencies, and told us all about her many online and offline creative endeavours in Shanghai.

China Residencies: Give us a rundown. What is it Basement6 and how did it come to be?
Katy Roseland: Our community has evolved into a sort of underground alternative art space in downtown Shanghai. We initially started as a group of friends and collaborators in a raw concrete wartime bunker. We eventually started attracti ...

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RESIDENCY PROFILE :: am Art Space - Lam & Yu Ji (Jam)

August 05, 2016 15:45

China Residencies got in touch with am Art Space founders Lam & Yu Ji (Jam) over e-mail to learn more about the history and mission of their Shanghai-based art space and residency program.

China Residencies: Since starting am Art Space in 2008, how has the residency changed?
Lam & Jam: am Art Space was established in 2008 and the residency program followed after, in 2010. During the early stages of the residency we didn’t really have strict requirements for the application process, including deadlines or projects’ thematic focuses. It was mostly just artists getting in touch and we would give them the residency if w ...

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Announcing #slowtrain artist Roopa Vasudevan

July 26, 2016 18:13

We're excited to announce that Roopa Vasudevan will be our next #slowtrain virtual residency artist, taking over the China Residencies Instagram while she rides the Trans-Siberan Railway from Moscow on August 8th and arriving in Beijing on August 22nd, by way of Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, and Ulaanbaatar. 

Roopa will be creating a series of algorithmically-generated composite images examining the difference in train compartment design between Western Russia, Siberia, Mongolia and mainland China. During the journey, she will attempt to take compositionally identical photos of sleeping com ...

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July 21, 2016 20:19

China Residencies spoke to German photographer Saskia Ketz about her project Anybodies Home completed at Pantocrator's residency program in Shanghai.

China Residencies: How did you find out about Pantocrator?
Saskia Ketz: Just online. I've been in Bangkok for almost three months, doing an internship for the United Nations, and I also work as a freelance photographer for them. I actually wanted to do a project in Thailand, so I read about this artist in residence program called Pantocrator but Raul [Alvaro] told me that this program was not in operation, so he invited me to come to Shanghai and I said, ok why not ...

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ARTIST PROFILE :: Joshua Hoare at Chinese European Art Centre

July 14, 2016 21:57

China Residencies caught up with contemporary performance and circus art director Joshua Hoare after he returned from his residency at Chinese European Art Centre. Joshua was awarded a residency from the “Two to Three 二到三” program in 2015.

China Residencies: How was China?
Joshua Hoare: Amazing! So lovely. It really changed my self-definition. I felt like it was really pivotal to go out there as a performing artist, not as a director, it really evolved my work.

CR: That’s amazing, that’s one of the most profound reactions.
JH: It was. I set up a partnership for further collaboration with the Fujian Circus, and I also made a cou ...

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Introducing Our Summer 2016 Collaborators

July 14, 2016 19:10
This summer, we're looking forward to working alongside three brilliant young people to continue our mission of helping artists and the residencies that host them. Sam Gong is coming on board as our summer intern working on translation projects, Fei Liu continues to conduct interviews in her role of contributing researcher, and Willem Molesworth will be joining the team as development associate to help design and implement our first fundraising campaign.

Sam Gong 龚翊鑫 is a new media art enthusiast and zine collector. Starting in 2013, he worked as the curatorial and development assistant for Organhaus, a no ...
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RESIDENCY PROFILE :: Handshake 302 - Mary Ann O'Donnell & Zhang Kaiqin

July 14, 2016 18:23

China Residencies got in touch with Handshake 302 founders Mary Ann O'Donnell & Zhang Kaiqin over e-mail to learn more about their organization and the open call for their newly established residency program in Shenzhen.

China Residencies: What is Handshake 302 and how did it come to be?
Mary Ann O'Donnell & Zhang Kaiqin: The Handshake 302 Art Space is a repurposed, 12.5 m2 efficiency apartment on the third floor of Building 49, a six-story walk-up apartment building in Baishizhou, one of Shenzhen’s most infamous urban villages. The name of the art space, Handshake 302 alludes to both the most common form of walk up a ...

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ARTIST PROFILE :: Barbara Tong at Swatch Art Peace Hotel

July 06, 2016 21:16

We visited Barbara Tong during her Swatch Art Peace Hotel residency to talk about ceramics, Shanghai's chorus of voices and residencies around the world.

China Residencies: Tell us a little about your background. Where did you grow up and how did you get interested in art?
Barbara Tong: I’m from Hong Kong and the local opinion back in those days was, “Oh, don’t be an artist, go make money!” But I really enjoy doing things with my hands even though I didn’t study art. And then while studying in London, I used to walk past an art school almost every day because it was close to my Uni, and they had students’ work displayed in the wind ...

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ARTIST PROFILE :: Ou Chiacheng and Zhao Wanqing at Red Gate Residency

July 02, 2016 21:16

China Residencies spoke with designer 趙宛青 Zhao Wanqing and photographer 歐家成 Ou Chiacheng about their project, Made in Taiwan, created during their 2015 Crystal Ruth Bell Residency for Duos, Trios & Collectives at Red Gate Residency.

China Residencies: Let’s start with some introductions. How did you two meet?
Ou Chiacheng: She was one of my co-worker’s students when I was teaching.
Zhao Wanqing: We met before I left China, and we worked on this project together to investigate relationships. Basically I was going to leave in three months and if we were going get into into a romantic relationship, he would use photography as ...

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RESIDENCY PROFILE :: Videotage - Isaac Leung

July 02, 2016 20:32

During Art Basel Hong Kong, China Residencies spoke with Isaac Leung, chairperson of Videotage, at their “The Crowdfunding Lab” showcase.

China Residencies: Let’s start off with the basics. Tell us about yourself and how you got here.
Isaac Leung: Long story! Well, I wear multiple hats. I’m an artist and actually had my show open at Connecting Spaces.

CR: Oh I saw that, congratulations!
IL: Thanks! So yeah I’m trained as an artist. I studied video and media arts at the Art Institute of Chicago, and then I came back to Hong Kong and started to wear the other hat of a curator. I’m currently the chairman of Videotage, one of the most histor ...

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Summer 2016 Deadlines + Open Calls + Opportunities

June 30, 2016 15:35

Here's a short list of deadlines for residencies, professional development, calls for papers, jobs & lots of different things you can apply to that have a connection to China. We'll update this post regularly until September 21st, if you come across something that belongs here, please send us your tips to nihao [at]!


    • Charcoal Home, a new artist residency in Zhanjiang, is calling for visual artists for the months of September and October. Apply before July 10.

    • The Kunming Municipal Propaganda Department and record label Modern Sky are calling for five musicians t ...
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Open Call for #slowtrain Virtual Residencies

June 11, 2016 11:33

One of our main tenants as a “born-digital" organization is to do most things online and be kind to the planet. We don’t have an office, we try not to print things, and we ride bikes and take public transit or our own feet to get places whenever possible. Of course, we realize that a huge part of our nonprofit’s mission is to travel to and from China, which often involves taking planes… But flying isn’t the only way to get to China, and travelling by train within the country is one of the most amazing ways to see each province’s vast and varying landscapes rush by the windows.

So to share our dual love for trains and the internet ...

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Transnational Dialogues & China Residencies :: UK - China Residency Knowledge Exchange

June 06, 2016 15:34

People who run residencies in China work tirelessly to support the artists they host, and often don't get the chance to take a step back and reflect on the future of their organziations, the nature of their work, or even simply catch up with colleagues. The cost of international travel and the difficulty in obtaining visas adds to the challenge of creating meaningful and lasting international exchange between mainland China and the rest of the world. In order to start shifting this dynamic, we're thankful to Transnational Dialogues for supporting our first Residency Knowledge Exchange to help a young a ...

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