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ARTIST PROFILE :: Paul Beumer at Qingyun

July 11, 2017 19:35

We had a lovely interview over email with Paul Beumer, one of the firsts residents at Qingyun on the southern outskirts of Beijing about the work he did using shibori textile dyeing techniques.

China Residencies: What first interested you in moving to Taiwan and finding residencies in China?

Paul Beumer: During my residency at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, the book 'Early text on Chinese Painting,’ written by Susan Bush and Hsio-Yen Shih, made a deep impression. Different texts in the book describe how important it is not to paint a copy of reality but to capture the spirit of what you want to depict. Very early ...

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ARTIST PROFILE :: Melissa Liu - Wing On Wo & Co's The W.O.W Project 店面 Residency

June 21, 2017 16:42

This past winter, Wing On Wo & Co's The W.O.W Project hosted their very first artist residency to coincide with the Lunar New Year. China Residencies and Wing On Wo put out an open call for creative activations of the 26 Mott Street storefront, generously supported by Nom Wah. The residency jury selected Melissa Liu as the inaugural resident to create a series of oral history workshops, silkscreened red envelopes, a window display, and a series of public events and talks around intergenerational dialogue and activism within communities of the Asian diaspora.

China Residencies: How did you hear about the 店面 Resid ...

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Open Call for the 4th Crystal Ruth Bell Residency - Care 关怀

May 14, 2017 17:55

Open Call for the 4th Crystal Ruth Bell Residency - Care 关怀 

驻地项目申请函征集第四届 Crystal Ruth Bell 驻留项目-Care 关怀 

For the fourth edition of the Crystal Ruth Bell Residency, Red Gate & China Residencies are inviting people to apply for a funded residency in Beijing for the months of November and December 2017. We are calling for people of all types of creative practices, of all passports, ages, gender-identities, abilities, and interests to send us proposals for projects to pursue in Beijing this winter around the principle of"care" - in any way the term makes sense to you.

欢迎申请由红门驻地项目与中国艺术交流合作的2017年11月和12月于北京的第四届“Crystal Ruth Bell”驻留项目。不限国籍,年龄,性别,才能和兴趣,欢迎从事各种创意实践者围绕主题“关怀”投来计划于北京冬季实施的提案。

Performers, filmmakers, poets, writers, researc ...

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Announcing #slowtrain artist Alisa Yang

May 10, 2017 23:50

We're trilled to announce that Alisa Yang will be our next #slowtrain virtual residency artist, taking over the China Residencies Instagram while she rides trains from Moscow to Beijing along the historic Silk Road, departing on May 14th and then spending time at Red Gate Residency in June.

Alisa Yang is an antidisciplinary artist and filmmaker. She received her BFA from Art Center of Design in 2009 and MFA at University of Michigan in 2016. Her practice is rooted in collage across medium; from two-dimensional works to video installations, her work explores themes of language, cultural identity, memory, and ...

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东 x 东南亚 East x South East Asia Residency Knowledge Exchange

April 19, 2017 07:07

For our inaugural edition of the 东 x 东南亚 East x South East Asia Residency Knowledge Exchange, we are proud to invite Coral Lu of Dong Dong & Lulu (China), Syar Alia of Rimbun Dahan (Malaysia), Anna Lovecchio of NTU Centre for Contemporary Art (Singapore), Pisithpong Siraphisut of ComPeung (Thailand), Emma Lee of Kiwisual (China), and Wong Ker Sin of East Coast (Malaysia).  


People who run residencies work tirelessly to support the artists they host, and often don't get the chance to take a step back and reflect on the future of their organziations, the nature of their work, or even simply catch up with colleagues. The cost of ...

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Spring 2017 Deadlines + Open Calls + Events + Job Opportunities

March 16, 2017 16:18

Here's a short list of deadlines for residencies, professional development, calls for papers, jobs & lots of different things you can apply for this spring that have a connection to China. We'll update this post regularly until June 21st, if you come across something that belongs here, please send us your tips to nihao [at]!


CEAC in Xiamen & the Asia New Zealand Foundation are calling for Wellington-based artists to apply for fully-funded 3 month residencies. Apply before April 3. 

Red Gate Residency in Beijing is calling for residency directors, coordinators & administ ...

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Winter 2016/2017 Deadlines + Open Calls + Opportunities

December 22, 2016 21:57
  • Here's a short list of deadlines for residencies, professional development, calls for papers, jobs & lots of different things you can apply for this fall that have a connection to China. We'll update this post regularly until March 20th, if you come across something that belongs here, please send us your tips to nihao [at]!


  • M Literary Residency
    in Shanghai and Beijing is calling for writers of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, screenplays
  • and dramatic prose to apply for fully-funded residencies in 2017. Apply before January 2 2017

  • The British Council is calling for U ...
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China Residencies' 2016 Annual Report !

December 14, 2016 21:50

你们好吗?How are you doing?

It’s been a challenging year. As always, we're here for you in any and all ways we can be, and as cultural workers, artists, and generally nice people, we hope you’re feeling as determined as we are to stand by the founding mission Crystal and I wrote back in 2013:

“We believe diplomacy shouldn’t just be left up to politicians. Artists are cultural and social changemakers, and, in a world where people sometimes forget to listen to and learn from one another, we are passionate about creating opportunities for artists to bring a broader cultural understanding into their work and communities.”

Thanks to y ...

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China Residencies Welcomes BUFU & Yellow Jackets Collective to Fiscal Sponsorship Program

December 14, 2016 19:52

China Residencies is proud to announce our second and third fiscally-sponsored projects: BUFU,  a collaborative living archive on Black and Asian political and cultural relationships, and Yellow Jackets Collective, a queer/intersectional Yellow American collective collaborating towards radical futures that centralize marginalized bodies. 

About BUFU:

"BUFU is a collaborative living archive centered around (pan)Black and (pan)Asian cultural and political relationships. We, the founders of this project, are a collective of queer, femme, non-binary, Black & East-Asian artists and organizers. Our goal is t ...

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Announcing the First 店面 Residency at Wing On Wo & Co

December 01, 2016 23:40

Wing on Wo & Co.'s The W.O.W Project and China Residencies are proud to announce the artists participating in The 店面 Residency, a two-month residency in NYC's Chinatown to create storefront displays for Chinese New Year. 

Our jury for this year, Mei Lum, Gary & Lorraine Lum, Evan Louis, Ming Lin, and Ryan Wong, chose one resident and four finalists that stood out from the 22 project proposals we received, who all embodied and build on the W.O.W Project's work to date. The residency will revolved around a series of community workshops - please reach out to The W.O.W Project if you'd like to get involved!

店面 Resident: 

Melissa Liu

"The giftin ...

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ARTIST PROFILE :: Stefan Hoffmann at Western Academy of Beijing & Red Gate Residency

December 01, 2016 23:17

Stefan Hoffmann, originally from Germany, now living and working in Rotterdam, shares his experiences as an artist-in-residence at am art space in Shanghai in 2013 and at the Western Academy of Beijing & Red Gate Residency in 2016. His projects often involve teaching students and other artists. He uses vertical screen printing to create site-specific projects, based on existing graphic material. 

Stefan Hoffmann working with students at WAB

In 2013 I was in Shanghai for a residency at AM Art Space. It was my first time in China and a thrilling experience. I had never experienced a public more willing to under ...

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Announcing the 2017 "Two to Three 二到三" Residency Recipients & Finalists

November 13, 2016 16:16

This year marks the third edition of our Two To Three 二到三 residencies, which bring creative practitioners from or in Australia back to China to engage more deeply with the country's lesser known cities like Chongqing and Xiamen.  

Our jury for this year, Thea Mai Baumann, Samantha Culp, Lauren Cronk, Rachel Marsden, and Kira Simon-Kennendy, chose two recipients, Natalie Abbot & Louis Zhang, as well as five finalists that stood out from the 35 applications we received. 

Natalie Abbot - CEAC, Xiamen (December 4 2017 - January 31 2018)

"During the residency, I will work with local artists and non-artists to translate pop-songs int ...

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Announcing #slowtrain residents Annie Ling & Eugene Gladun

November 10, 2016 22:00

We're excited to announce that Annie Ling and Eugene Gladun will be our next #slowtrain virtual residency artists, taking over the China Residencies Instagram while they rides trains from Xi'An to Kashgar, departing on November 10th by way of Yinchuan, Lanzhou, Zhangye, Jiayangguan, Dunhuang, Turfan, and Urumqi.

Born in Taiwan, Annie is a Canadian artist committed to intimate narrative projects and expanding a visual discourse. Drawing from a nomadic upbringing, her work often explores the relationship between place and identity, addressing subject matters of a socio-environmental nature. Following studi ...

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店面 Open Call

November 04, 2016 20:23

Wing on Wo & Co.'s The W.O.W Project and China Residencies are teaming up to launch The 店面 Residency, a two-month residency in NYC's Chinatown to create storefront displays for Chinese New Year. 

Wing On Wo & Co.'s 店面 storefront at 26 Mott Street

Chinese New Year has always been a time when community members share in celebration of welcoming a prosperous and lucky new year. Storefronts (店面 in Chinese, pronounced diàn miàn in Mandarin and dinmin in Cantonese ) hang red banners with new year’s wishes, Chinese lanterns light up the streets, and families gather and watch the numerous groups of lion dancers perform. For the inaugural 店面Residen ...

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RESIDENCY PROFILE :: M Literary Residency

November 01, 2016 17:01

In May, we caught up with Michelle Garnaut, the founder of the M Restaurant Group, at M on the Bund in Shanghai to learn about their dedication to literature and creative writing.

China Residencies: How did the M Literary Residency start?

Michelle Garnaut: When we opened at the end of the 1990s, we did lots of different events. Among them, poetry readings, book talks, food-related talks and we had a space in the back (where Glam is now), which we gave to artists and galleries to display their works. All of that received really positive feedback from the community and is something we are still very committed to doing. Glam ...

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Residency Knowledge Exchange - Hu Xinru

October 14, 2016 22:58

China Residencies hosted our very first Residency Knowledge Exchange this past spring with the support of Transnational Dialogues to bring a promising young residency coordinator, Hu Xinru, to visit counterparts in the UK. She kept a diary during her two week trip, accompanied by China Residencies' co-founder Kira Simon-Kennedy, across London, Manchester and Scotland.

Day 1 - London

After a very turbulent flight, the plane landed in London. I made it to the UK!!!

Although the long ordeals to get a visa were stressful, and I had to deal with rounds of customs during my layover, I finally made it through. Kira was wait ...

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China Residencies & The W.O.W Project to Launch New Residency Connecting China & Chinatown

October 09, 2016 03:30

China Residencies is proud to announce our first fiscally-sponsored project, The W.O.W. Project, a public platform and space for community engagement in New York City's Chinatown. 

About the W.O.W. Project

Founded in May 2016 by Mei Lum, the W.O.W. Project’s mission is to engage the community to shape the future of Chinatown by bringing together youth, elders, business owners, and concerned residents in conversation and innovative idea generation.

The W.O.W. Project’s inaugural event, “The (Re)Generation of Chinatown,” featured a panel of second and third generation Chinese Americans who have chosen to either revive their ...

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ARTIST PROFILE :: Fine Fine Small Mountain at Lijiang Studio

October 08, 2016 15:13

Miranda Hill and Naima Fine make up the musical & ecological collective Fine Fine Small Mountain, and spent the better part of 2015 creating graphic scores, sound sculptures, and collaborative musical performances at Lijiang Studio in Yunnan.

China Residencies: Did you have plans for projects in China before you applied to Two To Three 二到三?

Miranda Hill: We’d been to China and travelled through Yunnan a few years earlier  on a holiday and did some performances in Beijing with a friend. And Naima saw the Two to Three call-out and we thought we'd love to go back, and when you said we didn’t get it but that there was this other ...

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China Residencies joins Rate My Artist Residency and Residency Unlimited at NEW INC

October 03, 2016 20:42

Hello World! We are very happy to bring you some exciting news this month:

China Residencies is joining Rate My Artist Residency and Residency Unlimited in a coalition to build a new web-based solution to better unify and disseminate information around artist residencies. The project is called RES and will be prototyped, developed, and tested throughout 2016-2017 in New York as part of NEW INC, the New Museum’s cultural incubator dedicated to supporting innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship across art, design, and technology.

What is RES?

Since 2009, our friends at the Brooklyn-based nonprofit Res ...

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RESIDENCY PROFILE :: Things That Can Happen - Chantal Wong

September 29, 2016 06:12

During the busy whirlwind of Art Basel Hong Kong in March, we took an afternoon to visit Things That Can Happen, art space and residency in Sham Shui Po, formed in response to recent political resistance movement in the city. We spoke with Things That Can Happen's co-founder about their aim and vision for this two-year project that "engages with issues of social concern."

China Residencies: How did you get interested and involved in the arts?

Chantal Wong: I’m originally from Montreal and studied Art History, which was kind of a fluke: I failed calculus and had to choose something else, so ended up in art history instea ...

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