Open Call for the 4th Crystal Ruth Bell Residency - Care 关怀 

驻地项目申请函征集第四届 Crystal Ruth Bell 驻留项目-Care 关怀 

For the fourth edition of the Crystal Ruth Bell Residency, Red Gate & China Residencies are inviting people to apply for a funded residency in Beijing for the months of November and December 2017. We are calling for people of all types of creative practices, of all passports, ages, gender-identities, abilities, and interests to send us proposals for projects to pursue in Beijing this winter around the principle of"care" - in any way the term makes sense to you.

欢迎申请由红门驻地项目与中国艺术交流合作的2017年11月和12月于北京的第四届“Crystal Ruth Bell”驻留项目。不限国籍,年龄,性别,才能和兴趣,欢迎从事各种创意实践者围绕主题“关怀”投来计划于北京冬季实施的提案。

Performers, filmmakers, poets, writers, researchers, photographers, choreographers, chefs, designers, developers, activists, scientists, architects, and all kinds of visual artists are encouraged to apply with a project proposal that reflects some of Crystal's interests and driving forces: generosity, loyalty, friendship, justice, and bikes.

欢迎演员,制片人,诗人,作家,研究员,摄影师,编导,厨师,设计师,研发者,活动家,科学家,建筑师以及所有视觉艺术家递交申请,申请应反映出Crystal 本人的兴趣和动力:慷慨,忠诚,友谊,正义,还有自行车。

Crystal cared for countless artists during her time at Red Gate, keeping in touch years after they left. She also took care of business and got things done. She looked after her mother and her friends, and wasn't afraid to ask for help when she needed her own caretakers. She designed healthcare apps, and got teenagers to care about social change. Above all, she cared deeply about changing the world for the better.


The Crystal Ruth Bell Residency covers:

  • - Live/work space in Beijing
  • - Funding for travel and visa expenses
  • - Airport pickups, welcome dinner and orientation upon arrival
  • - Project support and coordination
  • - Artist talk & studio visits (optional)
  • - USD $1,000 research stipend (enough to cover meals and daily living expenses in Beijing)
  • - Materials & production stipend (variable based on proposed project)
  • - Open studio exhibition

  • Crystal Ruth Bell驻留项目包含:
  • 北京市工作与生活空间
  • 旅费与签证费用
  • 接机、欢迎晚宴与项目及周边环境介绍
  • 项目支持和协调
  • 艺术家座谈和工作坊(可选)
  • 1000美金的生活津贴
  • 材料津贴
  • 工作室开放日

Apply online before July 17st 2017. Finalists will be notified by August 8th and the selected resident will be announced on September 1st.

Individuals and duos from all nationalities are encouraged to apply, including China, Hong Kong, Taïwan and Macao. This is a wide open call, with no restrictions based on age, medium, educational background, or any other criteria. Project proposals will be evaluated based on their feasibility and creativity by a jury composed of Red Gate Residency director Jennifer Lindsay and coordinator Chao Fu Le, China Residencies board members Thea Bauman, Jay Brown, Christina Chung, Samantha Culp, Emma Karasz, Rachel Marsden, An Xiao Mina, summer intern Josue Chavez, and co-founder & director Kira Simon-Kennedy.


 S来自包括中国,台湾,香港和澳门的世界各地的艺术家或艺术家团体申请。这是一次全开放的征集,没有年龄、艺术媒介、教育背景,和其他要求的限制。基于申请者们的项目计划书的可行性和创意性,红门国际驻地总监Jennifer Lindsay,驻地协调趙馥樂, 中国艺术交流董事会Thea Bauman, Jay Brown, Christina Chung, Samantha Culp, Emma Karasz, Rachel Marsden, An Xiao Mina, Josue Chavez, 和联合创始人Kira Simon-Kennedy将共同对申请函进行评估。