Hutong π is a nonprofit community organization dedicated to the promotion of culture and the arts. Its goal is to discover, research, and record the changes that Beijing's hutongs have experienced, both architecturally and historically, as well as documenting the residents' lives and how they coexist with these hutongs.

In 2016, the work space was established and began to organize a series of events, such as interactive film installations, experimental art and poetry workshops, hutong salons, and architectural research, emphasizing Beijing's regional culture, hutong architecture, as well as residents' use of the public space provided by these hutongs.

1. Yi Pai Hutong is deep in hutongs, the old area of Beijing
2. Our space is a cultural space and art space, and you can meet various people.
3. We can help you with your works and offer whatever you need.

This project is initiated by performance and video artist & poet Zai Zai 在在.

Eligible Applicants

People interested in making work about Beijing culture and Hutong space during 4 to 6 week residencies.

Application Process

Please get in touch here or via ( WeChat: 65482725 ) with your ideas.


We have a small 50 square meter space in the center of Beijing with a library, a studio, a kitchen, one bedroom with a bathroom and shower.

Program Fees

5,000 RMB per month

Additional Information

Hutong π is conceived as youth community center in the hutongs. The project aims to mobilize the potential of the community beyond the state of the undifferentiated. We want to replace the concept traces of the author, so we choose to use ordinary materials and document regularly to initiate experiences between people and the image world.

Hutong π is one of many spaces to continue the legacy of Homeshop 家作坊.