Videotage (錄映太奇) is a leading Hong Kong-based non-profit organization specializing in the promotion, presentation, creation and preservation of new media art across all languages, shapes and forms.

Found in 1986, Videotage has evolved from an artists-run collective to an influential network, supporting creative use of media art to explore, investigate and connect with issues that are of significant social, cultural and historical value.

Videotage is a dedicated to nurturing emerging media artists and developing the local media arts community. It has organized numerous events and programs since 1986, including exhibitions, presentation (Dorkbot), festivals (Wikitopia), workshops, performances, a residency program (FUSE) and cultural exchange programs, as well as continually distributing artworks through its networks and publications; and developing an extensive offline and online media art archive (VMAC).

Eligible Applicants

Videotage is now accepting applications for our residency program FUSE. We would like to invite local and international artists/ curators/ researchers/ engineers/ bloggers/ environmentalists/ activists interested in the field of media art to submit proposals for creative and cutting-edge projects to be completed between 2015-16 to facilitate the development of new media art.

FUSE is the only media art-focused year-round accelerator program in Hong Kong offering a multi-disciplinary platform and intellectual resources that connect overseas and local artists, curators and researchers to collaboratively explore the synergy and realize their ideas by creating media art work within a knowledge spectrum spanning across the art, engineering and scientific disciplines.

With FUSE, oversea artists will be given opportunities to touch down in the centre of Hong Kong’s media art community and interact with local artists to explore and showcase their projects in a local context. We encourage the invited artists to bring in their individual perspectives and cultural heritage to generate new knowledge for the community at large.

Application Process

The residency period is from one to six months, during which time residents may focus on, but are not limited to, the following areas:

1. Research projects
2. Curatorial program
3. Video art archive development
4. Fundraising development / Non-profit management

With the opportunity to join our broad network of artists, curators, academics and researchers who are working in the media art field and to use our resources, residents are expected to develop a project to be completed by 2016— not necessarily within the period of residency— and to participate in further activities such as seminars, public discussions, performances and exhibitions. Residents are also encouraged to participate in public events including workshops, demonstrations of research-in-progress, and online releases.


Videotage is located at the Cattle Depot Artist Village (牛棚藝術村), Kowloon, Hong Kong. The site was originally used as a slaughterhouse from 1908 to 1999. It was renovated and developed into a village for artists in 2001. It is now home to around 20 art groups. Built in 1907-08, elements of Western architecture are found. The site was made up of 5 blocks of distinctive red-brick buildings, offering a total space of 15,000 square metres (160,000 sq ft). It has pointed roof with tiles. It is the only remaining cattle depot in Hong Kong built before World War I. Listed as a Grade III historical site in 1994, it was upgraded to Grade II in 2009.

Program Fees

Resources available from Videotage:

- Media resources (video art archive, library)
- Network (artists, curators, academics, art institutions, universities, galleries, festivals etc.)
- Production resources (i.e. projectors, cameras, TVs, computers etc.)
- Venue/space for exhibition and art making
- A stipend to support project execution (depending on the scale of the project, amount will be confirmed upon acceptance of proposals)

International residents are responsible for their own travel, accommodation, living and moving expenses. Videotage staff will assist as much as possible with visa arrangement and locating cheaper accommodation in Hong Kong. Residents can have a work desk in our office and make use of our gallery space. Residents will have access to the space during office hours and other times upon request.

Videotage will provide project-specific technical assistance to residents though residents are expected to possess the skills necessary to execute their projects. Collaborative projects are eligible for the residency program. A CV and work samples have to be provided for each collaborator, as well as the contribution description of each collaborator in the application form. Collaborators can share the residency stipend.

Additional Information

General Enquiry: Videotage Office (e: / office: +852 2573-1869 )