TCG Nordica is an international art gallery and culture centre nestled in the LOFT (an artist community) in Kunming, China. TCG Nordica’s Artist-in-Residence Program is open for international artists to apply. We provide a rich cross cultural environment for the artist in residence to experience life in a different culture with opportunities to cooperate and dialogue with international and local artists and create something new. We hope that this exposure gives the artist a new understanding and inspiration.

Eligible Applicants

TGC Nordica is open to all international artists.

Application Process

Applications should be sent by email to the Gallery Curator 6 to 12 months prior to the applied residence dates, with a 500 CNY non-returnable administration fee, the artist’s C.V. and samples of work.

The acceptance email / letter will be sent to the selected artists. Cancellation is accepted 3 months prior to the proposed Artist in Residence dates.


TCG Nordica owns guest flats which are situated in different parts of the city. Each flat has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a big living room. As the flats are very big, guests are expected to share flats with other guests.

* Washing machine available.
* DVD player + TV set.
* Wireless connection for internet (bring your own laptop).
* Includes bed sheets and towels.
* Free local calls.
* Kitchen facilitates.
* Cleaning twice a week.
* Police registration (non-Chinese nationals).
* Emergency / medical help.

Program Fees

The AIR program fee for participating in the AIR program from abroad is 3500 CNY and includes the previously mentioned services. Other facilities/services are charged separately.

Special price for one residence artist staying for one month costs 4000 RMB, and that includes a single room in the guest flat and a studio (electricity, drinking water, some basic furniture). For further information, read about guest flats on our home page: tourism/guest-flat

If you want to hold an exhibition after your stay. If you want to hold an exhibition in the gallery space, you need to apply 6-12 months in advance, and the rent fee is 4000 CNY.

Additional Information

TCG Nordica facilitates contacts with selected artists and we also work together with Yunnan Arts University.
TCG Nordica encourages the artist-in-residence to give lectures and workshops in his/her area of expertise. However, it will depend on the artist’s needs and desires. The Artist in Residency Program is a time for personal development. Accordingly, we will not provide you with burdensome tasks or assignments. Your time is your own.