The Sanbao International Ceramic Art Institute began in 2000, inviting ceramic artists to participate in a residency program that offers cultural tours, international exchange programs, and university credited summer schools.

The program was expanded in 2007 to provided residencies to all visual artists, in an atmosphere that fosters pluralistic arts and cultural programs. Many of the programs offered are eligible for various scholarship grants.

Eligible Applicants

Sanbao Ceramic International Art Institute welcomes international mature visual artists, seeking a place to create, explore, and discover their full artistic potential in a unique milieu, where they are immersed the Chinese culture that has been producing porcelain art objects for more than 1000 years.

Application Process

Interested artists are invited to contact the Sanbao Administration at: <br>, or, to request application forms and to find answers to any questions they may have.

Residency programs are from one to three months. Requests for extensions to the residency, in-order to complete projects, are possible.


Sanbao is located approximately 10 kilometers from downtown Jingdezhen. It is nestled in the Sanbao Valley. The institute consists of multiple buildings, housing comfortable air accommodation, fully equipped studio space, kilns, workshops and foodservice and hospitality services.

Program Fees

The basic residency fee for 2015 that provides for accommodation, meals, along with the full use of the art studios, starts at 2400 RMB.

Artists are expected to supply their personal equipment. Material, supplies. Firing fee schedules will be provided to candidates along with the application forms.

Additional Information

The studio is busiest from March to June, and September to October, when the weather is fair. Summer is hot, but our air-conditioned studios are quite comfortable. Winter is our quiet season which allow us to give greater attention to resident needs.

The studio is open all year except for one month during the Chinese New Year (around the month of February.)