The Institute for Provocation (IFP) is a Beijing-based workspace and think tank hosting residencies, research projects, workshops and lectures. IFP aims to be a crossway between disciplines and attitudes in the realm of art, architecture, design and urban studies. Through its wide network of actors, makers and researchers in China and beyond, IFP can provide intelligence to our residents and collaborators who themselves become a part the network. Together with these, IFP is constantly investigating both theoretical and practical issues about the city and its structure, its history, its way of working as an organism.

IFP is the collaborative intelligence of architects/researchers/curators Chen Shuyu and Max Gerthel (Beijing) and editor/curator Els Silvrants-Barclay (Brussels). As an organization, IFP shares their generalist approach to both theory and practice, emphasizing the possibilities offered by interdisciplinary strategies and work modes. As a workspace, IFP focuses on the thinking process before or even beyond the actual creation of an artwork: the collection of dramaturgical information, the testing of different architectural scenarios, experimenting with new media or disciplines, and so on.

激发研究所/Institute for Provocation (简称 IFP)成立于2010年,是位于北京市中心的独立艺术组织和项目空间。通过理论研究和艺术实践的结合,激发研究所旨在以合作的方式联结跨领域的知识,激发文化生产和交流。基于对独立艺术机构在社会中的动态性的思考,激发研究所发起并支持多种形式的实践活动,包括驻地、项目研究、研讨会、展览、工作坊、出版等。


Eligible Applicants

IFP has long-term relations with Dutch, Swedish and Danish art organizations through which artists can apply for residency. In addition IFP also accepts application from artists, architects and designers from anywhere with specific proposals which share interest with IFP and can be a match with our research-based, interdisciplinary agenda. Proposals related to space, territory, urbanity, architecture, design and the environment are firstly considered, linked with performativity is a plus.

Application Process

Research that proposes cross-disciplinary strategies to collect information, read or produce work or artistic experiment. IFP also opens up for research in disciplines other than the arts that can provide the contemporary arts with new insights, modes of thinking and/or research strategies. Residency proposals for China show a link with the local context without being limited to it.
激发研究所的研究提出了以跨学科的策略来收集信息、读取或作品制作或者艺术实验。 同时激发研究所也开展艺术之外的研究, 希望给当代艺术提供全新的观点、思考模式和/或研究策略。申请驻地项目的方案最好可以呈现申请者与当地语境的联系,但又不仅仅局限于此联系。

Supported projects are provided with local assistance and a studio to work. Money for travel, production and per diem needs to be raised by the artist in collaboration with IFP. IFP has structural collaborations with Mondriaan Foundation in the Netherlands, Iaspis in Sweden,Australia Council for the Arts and the Danish Arts Council, providing grants for residencies to work at IFP.

项目支持包括提供当地助理和工作室。 包括旅费、制作费和日常花费需要艺术家与激发研究所共同商议。 激发研究所与荷兰蒙德里安基金会、瑞典艺术教育资助委员会、澳大利亚艺术协会以及丹麦艺术协会合作,提供资金支持来满足艺术家在激发研究所开展驻地项目。

Project proposals:
。Research outline (min 1 and max 3 A4)
。CV and artist statement
。Portfolio (PDF)
。Proposed timing

The material can be sent at least 5 months before the intended stay to

Feel free to mail the same address with more questions.

。研究框架及概念( 最少一张最多三张A4纸)



IFP moved out of No.13 Courtyard in Heizhima Hutong in April of 2019, and has just settled at 4th floor, ZUCZUG Space, 1st North Street, B7-3A in the 798 Art District, next to Art Book in China. IFP continues to organize and advocate various kinds of activities, including an artist residency, research projects, discussions, exhibition making, workshops, publications, etc.

Program Fees

For all residencies, IFP provides a complete infrastructure which includes accommodation, studio, assistant(s), artistic supervision and support. IFP currently only review applications through the application procedures of our respective partnership organizations, or through recommendations. For more information please contact us directly.