Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum (IOAM) is proud to re-start our Art Processionals Residency Program with a new vision. Located near the Western hilly regions as a non-profit art museum, IOAM is an ideal location for artists, curators, writers, scholars, historians and other art professionals to engage in intellectually-challenging practices. We encourage art professionals to further their thinking and practices by engaging actively with the local art scene and the intellectual world. Art professionals in residency are expected to participate in our internal training courses at the museum (attended by staff and other artists and curators from Beijing), present their projects (in forms of public presentations and articles, etc.) and take part in other local art events during their stay. IOAM Residency Program is organized and supervised by the Academic Department at the museum.


Eligible Applicants

IOAM Residency Program is open to international art professionals across disciplines. Yet, the selection process can be very rigorous. We encourage research-based proposals and unconventional practices, as well as artistic projects with local awareness. That said, all active and diverse approaches will be considered, and we would like to match two residency professionals with distinct backgrounds. We look forward to your proposals!


Application Process

Each stay lasts for 4 weeks. We require the following materials for selection process:

- Residency statement (A4 one-page in English or two pages in Chinese) explaining your work plan in Beijing;
- Portfolio;
- Curriculum Vitae;
- A photo.

Please send the materials via email to:

We strongly suggest that you submit your application proposal 3 months before the starting date of your residency, leaving enough time for travelling preparation. It usually takes us two weeks to get back to you with the result.


- 驻留陈述(英文A4纸一页,中文两页以内)阐释申请的原因以及在北京期间的工作计划;

- 个人作品或文章集;

- 个人简历;

- 本人照片



The living and working facilities in Beijing are located at the Inside-Out Artist Colony within the Inside-Out Art District. IOAM provides a well-equipped two-storey apartment with two private bedrooms, one shared studio, a kitchen and a living room.

International resident artists and curators who have difficulties in the Chinese language can indicate their need for an assistant, for adapting to the life in Beijing. If the artist wants to find a assistant, we will help artists recruit qualified assistants. Artists themselves should cover the fee for assistant.



Program Fees

We do not charge an accommodation fee or an administrative fee. All expenses related to water, heating, electricity, and wifi are covered by the residency.

The following expenses will be covered by the participants:
- Travelling expenses to and from Beijing
- The materials fee for studio activities
- Living expenses during the Residency period
- Other expenses to be incurred during residency

- 往返北京的差旅费
- 工作室活动和作品创作过程中所需的材料费
- 驻留期间的生活费
- 其他可能产生的费用

Additional Information

For more information, please contact:

Besides, we encourage and welcome resource-sharing with other residency programs and institutions in China. Collaborative institutions could recommend art professionals to stay at the Inside-Out Art Museum for a period of time, and administrative fee will not be charged in this case. If you are an institution and interested in establishing a collaborative partnership with us, please contact:


此外,我们鼓励并欢迎中国其他的驻留项目和机构与我们合作分享资源。合作机构可以推荐艺术专业人士在中间美术馆驻留,我们会免去每周的管理费用。如果你是驻留机构,想要和我们建立合作关系, <br>请联系