Description of Residency

I: project space is a platform for international art discourse and exchange and was founded in 2014 by two curators, Antonie Angerer and Anna-Viktoria Eschbach. Dedicated to build support structures for artists and open possibilities for long-term, autonomous and independent dialogues between artistic, curatorial, research and other modes of knowledge production, I: project space is operating completely non-profit.

I: project space 是一个国际艺术讨论和交流平台,由两位策展人妮妮和安娜于2014年在北京创建。空间致力于为当地以及国际艺术家们创造支持体系,并为创作、策展、研究以及其它知识生产方式之间的长期、自由的交流提供更多的可能性。I: project space以完全非营利的方式运行。

Artists will not only work in our facilities, but also be in close contact with the Chinese art scene and academies. We will enable them to get in touch with the fast-growing local art scene and to foster long lasting relationships between China and abroad. For the local artist community I: project space provides a space to realize non-profit oriented art projects.

艺术家们不仅可以利用我们的空间创作,还将亲身了解、接触中国当代艺术的学术和非学术景象。我们会帮助艺术家熟悉快速发展的当地艺术界,与国内外人脉网络建立长期关系。I: project space也为北京的艺术家群体提供空间,帮助他们实现非营利性的艺术项目。

The space is based in the heart of a vibrant Hutong neighborhood. Within walking distance is the Beixinqiao subway station, a variety of restaurants, bars and grocery shops. I: project space is also close to several other art spaces, with whom we interact in many ways.


Eligible Applicants

The program is open to artists who work in all disciplines, however one must note the restricted facilities. It is intended for artists, curators, writers, architects from all around the world who want to use their time at I: project space to further research a specific topic in China or want to realize a concrete project in our space.


Please note that I: project space strongly encourages projects that involve local research and consultation rather than those relying solely on studio practice. Interaction between disciplines is very much encouraged.

I: project space强烈鼓励艺术家们走进街区,创造与当地有关、不局限于工作室内的调研项目。我们同时也鼓励跨学科的艺术创作与合作。

We require artist to hold at least one public event during their residency. This can be in the form of an exhibition showcasing new works or a workshop, lecture, etc.


Best contact & email address


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Application Process

I: project space hosts a minimum of 4 residencies every year. Each residency should last at least 2 months and no longer than 3 months.

I: project space每年至少举办4个驻地项目。每个项目时长应在2到3个月之间。

Artists can apply online with a project proposal and current portfolio:

Applicants are furthermore required to pay the application fee of 25 €.



Within the courtyard of I: project space, resident artists get a spacious working and living room with a shared bathroom/kitchen. The room is equipped with a bed, a table, storage space and wireless Internet access. Across the courtyard is the exhibition space that could be used for presentation or exhibition during or at the end of the residency. Residents are also encouraged to take an active role in developing the program and are welcome to arrange seminars, workshops, guest lectures, etc.

驻地艺术家在I: project space的院内将拥有一个敞亮的工作室/会客厅,以及共用的卫生间和厨房。房间内设有床铺、桌子、贮藏空间和无线网络。居住空间对面是一个展览空间,可作为各种活动或展览用。我们鼓励艺术家们参与到驻地相关活动的策划中,活动形式包括但不限于讲座、作坊、讨论会等。

Program Fees

​​​​​​​The program of I: project space is not intended to make any form of financial profit and is devoted to spend any funding entirely in the securing and the development of the Artist-in-Residence program. Because of the very limited public and private funding available for residency programs in China, participants are therefore expected to apply for funding in cooperation with I: project space after having been accepted into the program. There is also the possibility to apply for the residency when the applicant has already been accepted to funding by another organization.

I: project space不以获取任何经济利益为目的。我们所获得的资金全部用于各个驻地项目的建立与发展。由于中国在驻地艺术项目方面的公共/私人资金极其有限,我们期望申请成功的艺术家与I: project space合作申请资金。如果申请人已从别处获得资金,请在申请时说明情况。

Living expenses and other foreseeable expenses during the residency have to be paid by the artist.​​​​​​​

Additional Information

Participants are also encouraged to take an active role in developing the program and are welcome to arrange seminars, workshops, guest lectures, etc.

Besides the studio the resident artist can make use of the exhibition space to realize own projects or present works.

Past artists 我们过去的驻地艺术家包括 :
- Amy Suo Wu:
- Ted Whitaker:
- Bonaventure (Soraya Lutangu):
- Katrin Hornek:
- Martin Kohout:
- Andrew de Freitas
- Martin Kohout
- Jannis Schulze
- Daniel Stubenvoll
- Michael Bodenmann
- Annalena Müller