The CEAC artists-in-residence program gives artists, designers, architects, curators, writers, composers a place where they can develop ideas, experiment and produce new work. The CEAC advises artists on how to produce their work outside their studio and shares with them a large network of local artists, companies and work sites to enable them to implement their projects in the best possible way. The CEAC stimulates a cultural and intellectual exchange between residents, local artists and students of Xiamen University. Residents can be invited to give lectures or presentations about their work and guest seminars and workshops for students.

Eligible Applicants

Visual artists, designers, architects, curators, fashion designers, writers, musicians.

Application Process

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Please contact directly for more information on registration and financing.


CEAC is located at the old historic part of the Siming district with many different small restaurants and a shopping center for small shops,markets nearby Nanpu Tuo Temple and Xiamen University.

The CEAC has four private residence apartments with studios for artists which are close to the seaside also nearby CEAC. Each apartment/studio is fully furnished and equipped for living and working. It includes wireless internet, air conditioning, washing machine, phone, TV, internet, and DVD player. Over the past years, CEAC has built up an excellent network of factories, work sites and laboratories of all sizes, making it easy for artists to experiment and produce new work. The CEAC can give organizational and technical advice, assist in creating works of art from start to finish, and arrange door - to - door shipment in China and abroad. The workshops involve media such as: ceramics & porcelain, engraving, letterpress printing, lithography, silk-screen, art publications, glass and crystal, granite and marble, lacquer, photography, film, video, sound, animation and newer digital technology, stainless steel, hammered steel, bronze sculptures, textile. More detailed information can be found at the CEAC website

Program Fees

To cover costs, artists are asked to supply 10,000rmb for each month.

Additional Information

At the conclusion of their residence, artists are invited to present their research project and new work at the Art Center. The CEAC can also help mediate presentation spots in other cities in China and, for those who like to travel; CEAC offers travel advice and assistance.

-photo by Marc Boon, Xiamen