• Open Call for Digital Diasporas 联网离散

  • 2020 marked a pivotal shift for the Chinese diaspora around the world. The world's watchful eye on the People’s Republic of China, where the COVID-19 pandemic started, and subsequent travel restrictions, communication bans, and algorithmic biases only exacerbated echo chambers. In some places, the lack of government support devastated Chinatowns and drove poor and working class immigrants into further precarity. Racial tensions drove a horrific rise in violence directed at people thought to be of Chinese descent, or from any of the places we now call “Asia.” All of this has brought into focus pre-existing dynamics that have simmered in the background for centuries.

    2020 是对于全球的华人离散人群来说有重大改变的一年。疫情开始时,全世界紧密关注着中国。接下来的旅行限制,交流的禁令,以及算法的偏见只让他们的回音壁加剧。在有的地方,因为没有政府的支持,中国城奄奄一息,贫穷以及工作阶级的移民生活动荡不安。紧张的种族关系恶化了针对被认为华裔以及“亚洲人”的暴力。这一切都使疫情前的几个世纪里已经存在的种族关系浮出表面。

    Yet at a time when we are the most separated and divided in recent history, solidarities emerged to end all forms of supremacy and imagine a better world. We are heartened by outpourings of support, (re)new(ed) interest in exploring complicated histories, dedication to weaving mutual aid networks and resisting displacement at the local level and generative responses at the regional and global scale. We look forward to supporting this ongoing work and creating connections between efforts worldwide.

然而在我们在近代史中最与他人分散与分离之时,大家开始重新幻想一个没有任何至上主义的,更好的世界。大家倾心的帮助,无论新旧的对于探索复杂历史的兴趣,对于互助基金的衷心奉献,对于本地被迫移居的抗拒,以及在本地和全球范围内积极的反响, 都让我们心存感激。我们期待继续支持现存的工作,以及在全球建立更多的联结。

  • Building person to person connections across borders is more important than ever. In this open call, we want to hear from artists, collectives, and curators who self-identify and find it useful to gather under a "Chinese and Chinese diaspora" cohort. This is a time for research, exploration and learning. We are looking for openness to collective, intercultural and cross-border development and research. 


  • We welcome experimental, digital, and/or research-based practices, and people who feel an alignment with and interest in all three of the host organizations' networks and programming. We’re especially interested in ideas that explore diasporic cultures and spaces, flows of people, goods and capital, alternative community and kin-making, digital cultures, media arts, philosophies of technology and place-making—and any intersections of these.


  • Everyone is encouraged to apply, especially if you have never applied to anything in the past. We are particularly interested in applications that resist and interrogate stereotypical or reactionary impulses, instead turning our gaze towards the difficult but necessary conversations, care, and solidarities we might build across borders. 


  • Digital Diasporas will host:

          • one person or collective who self-identifies as Chinese diaspora in or from Australia (citizen or permanent resident)
          • one person or collective who self-identifies as Chinese diaspora in or from Canada (citizen or permanent resident)
          • one person or collective who self-identifies as Chinese, regardless of what passport they hold or where they reside


  • 一个来自澳大利亚的,自身认定为离散华人的个人/集体。(公民或永久居民)

  • 一个来自加拿大的,自身认定为离散华人的个人/集体。(公民或永久居民)

  • 一个自身认定为中国人的个人/集体,可以持有任何护照,居住在任何地区。

  • The remote, online residency will be facilitated by three host organizations between mid-October to mid-December 2021. Each resident or collective will primarily work with one host organization in Canada, Australia, or China and all residents as a cohort will be in dialogue with one another through convenings. Each resident or collective will be awarded an unrestricted stipend of AUD $10,000 for their participation. Each host organisation will design a program of remote/online mentoring, networking, research and development for the resident they host. The host organisations are: 

  • 这个远程,网上的驻地项目将被三个机构主办。时间为2021年十月中旬到十二月中旬。被选择的个人/集体将主要和加拿大,澳大利亚,或者中国中的一个机构合作。所有的参与者将在集合时与对方对话。每位参与的个人或集合将收到不受限制的一万澳元参与资金。每个参与的机构将设计一个远程/线上的项目,包括为参与者提供指导,建立关系,研究和发展的机会。参与的机构是:

          • 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (Sydney, Australia)
          • Chronus Art Center (Shanghai, China)
  •       • Gendai (Toronto, Canada) 

    While all disciplines of creative practice are eligible, this opportunity is most suitable for artists/collectives/curators who are comfortable working online. Applicants should be comfortable communicating in English. Chronus Arts Center can also work with applicants in Mandarin Chinese.  


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 APPLY 申请 
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Deadline: Thursday, July 15, 2021

midnight in your timezone, wherever you are


  • Residency Host Organizations / 驻地项目主办机构

  • 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (Sydney, Australia): 4A fosters excellence and innovation in contemporary culture through the commissioning, presentation, documentation and research of contemporary art. Our program is presented throughout Australia and Asia, where we ensure that contemporary art plays a central role in understanding and developing the dynamic relationship between Australia and the wider Asian region. (http://www.4a.com.au/

    During the residency, if desired, the resident will be able to participate in 4A's ceramic, digital media, and experimental performance exhibitions and programming.  

4A 现代亚洲艺术中心(悉尼,澳大利亚):4A通过展览,投资,记录,以及研究现代艺术来创新与卓越。我们的项目覆盖澳大利亚和亚洲,用此方法我们保证现代艺术在理解与打造澳大利亚与大亚洲地区的关系里起重要作用。(http://www.4a.com.au/


  • Chronus Art Center (Shanghai, China):
    Established in 2013, Chronus Art Center (CAC) is China’s first nonprofit art organization dedicated to the presentation, research / creation and scholarship of media art. CAC with its exhibitions, residency-oriented programs, lectures and workshops and through its archiving and publishing initiatives, creates a multifaceted and vibrant platform for the discourse, production and dissemination of media art in a global context. CAC is positioned to advance artistic innovation and cultural awareness by critically engaging with media technologies that are transforming and reshaping contemporary experiences. (http://www.chronusartcenter.org/)  

    During the residency,  when a condition of continuous health emergency and accelerating social economic conflicts permeate the world, CAC expects to engage with a research-oriented program whose outcome will be a publication that peer into the impending post-human reality and respond to the current challenges or opportunities that contemporary digital society has/would induce(d).  

Chronus Art Center (上海,中国):建于2013年,新时线媒体艺术中心(CAC)是中国的第一个系致力于媒体艺术之展示、研究/创作及学术交流的非营利性艺术机构。 通过展览、驻留、奖学金、讲座、工作坊及相关文献的梳理与出版, CAC为媒体艺术在全球语境中的论述、生产及传播开拓了一个多样化且富有活力的平台。(http://www.chronusartcenter.org/)  


  • Gendai (Toronto, Canada):
    Gendai's activities are focused on investing in racialized arts practitioners as the next generation of cultural leaders, radical thinkers & visionaries who embody new pathways towards more equitable futures. Gendai has general interest in research around issues of decolonization, collective values, working/labour conditions, alternative governance, and radical allyship. We formed Gendai MA MBA, a think tank for racialized collectives to reimagine institutional practice. (https://www.gendai.club

    During the residency, if desired, the resident will be able to participate in Gendai CO-OP, a cross-institutional co-learning space and accountability program that addresses racial equity in the cultural sector by centering the perspectives of BIPOC artists and arts workers.  

Gendai (多伦多,加拿大):Gendai的活动主要资助有色艺术家并帮助他们成为下一代的文化领导者,激进的思考者,以及擅长长远思考,并领导我们前往更公平的未来的人。Gendai的兴趣范围在反殖民,集体的价值,工作/劳工现状,另类政府,以及激进共情心中。我们创造了Gendai MA MBA,一个帮助有色人种重新幻想机构惯例的智库。(https://www.gendai.club/

在驻地项目期间,如果愿意,参与者可以加入 Gendai CO-OP-- 一个跨机构的共同学习,帮助对方坚持责任的空间。在此机构中,不同有色人种的艺术家以及艺术工作者可以帮助文化部门改进种族平等。

  • Who is behind this? / 谁策划了这个项目?

  • This initiative is led by the Australia Council for the Arts team who designed and co-fundraised for the initiative with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Australian Embassy, Beijing and the Canada Council for the Arts.


  • In June 2020, the Australia Council for the Arts reached out to organizations seeking partners in developing a new remote residency during the pandemic. China Residencies pitched a longtime dream project to weave ties between Chinese diasporic communities and artists, and the Australia Council’s International Development team reached out to host organizations 4A, Chronus, and Gendai to build a network of support for the cohorts. The Canada Council’s involvement forms part of an ongoing partnership with the Australia Council to share policies, research and knowledge to advance best practices in arts funding and development. One year later, this open call is now live!  

在2020年六月,澳大利亚艺术理事会向不同机构寻找帮助建立一个新的远程疫情驻地项目。中国艺术交流提交了一份长期的梦想计划,来加强中国以及离散人群之间的联系。之后,澳大利亚艺术理事会找到了4A, Gendai, 和 Chronus共同支持这个项目。一年之后,我们开放了申请!

  • Host organizations in Australia, Canada, and China are receiving funding to support their staff, whereas China Residencies’ participation in designing and managing the open call can be supported by making an optional donation through the application form.  


  • Digital Diasporas residents will be selected by a jury composed of team members from each organization. The jury will read all applications anonymously first, then create a long list of proposals that will be de-anonymized in order to be considered for interviews. Finalists will be posted publicly. While individualized feedback for rejected proposals is not feasible given our small team, everyone will receive an up-to-date list of other opportunities.  


  • Frequently Asked Questions
    / 解答常见问题 

    “Am I part of the Chinese diaspora?” ie: am eligible if I am an adoptee / if I have never been to China / if I am not Han Chinese / if they have migrated away from China long ago / if only some of my ancestors are Chinese / etc. 

    Yes. As long as you self-identify as Chinese, you are eligible. We understand that "Chinese" is a continuously contested category and that there are vast geographical, linguistic, ethnic, religious, class, and ideological differences under this unwieldy umbrella. We do not expect nor desire applicants to be representative of all Chinese (or any other ethnicity or nationality of) people but rather we are looking for applicants who approach their work in specific ways and could benefit from engaging with others who also identify as Chinese/Chinese diaspora.  

“我算中国离散人群的一员吗” 或者:被领养的人可以申请吗?/我从没去过中国/ 我不是汉族/ 我很久之前就搬离中国/ 我的祖先只有一部分是中国人/ 等等。

  • 可以

  • Am I eligible if I am undocumented in my country of residence? 

    Yes. We are using an honor system and will not ask for people's documentation in order to apply or be eligible for the residency. 


  • 可以

  • Our collective includes members from Australia, Canada, China and elsewhere, can we apply?     

    Yes. Collectives just need to have at least one member who meets one of the criteria.  


  • 可以。一个集体只需要至少一位符合要求的成员。

  • I am triply eligible, does that increase my chances? i.e., people of multiple passports or residency - Chinese-Australian living in Canada         

    Technically, yes, but in practice, not really, as we will prioritize people who are not already globally connected to all the regions in the open call in order to create opportunities for new connections. 



  • Do I need to find collaborators from other countries in order to submit an application? 

    No. In fact, our hope is to help you find new collaborators through this residency! 



  • What outcome are you expecting?         

    This is an open ended project that does not need to culminate in a final “work.” Digital Diasporas is a gift of time, virtual space, and support to think and connect.