Donate to unlock a game of ESCAPE DOOM!

Want a fun, safe way of getting together with friends and loved ones over the holidays? Miss the thrill of solving puzzles with friends in an escape room? Join us in this real-time, multiplayer, online game from the creators of the Doomsday Supper Club. Team up to solve a vast paleontological mystery and trace the steps of your childhood friend gone missing before the trail runs cold. (Length: 1 hour. Rating: PG-13.)

How to play

1. Make a donation to China Residencies, sliding scale $50-$500 2. Gather up 4-8 friends to join you in the escape room 3. We'll contact you to find a one-hour time slot that works for you and for one of our game masters 4. We'll send you a secret, one-time link when the time comes

System requirements

Laptop or desktop computer Google Chrome
Basic internet connection

About Doomsday Supper Club

Since the early days of the Great Quarantine, the Doomsday Supper Club has been extending a helping hand to those in need of quality, spontaneous social interaction. Within the walls of our vintage 1990 establishment, we have been able to connect our patrons with one another through the medium of text, click and gasp.

Escape Doom credits

Ana Esqueleta, Quentin Quarantino — Director Jason Li — Art, design & development Sage Cheng, Shirin Mori — Writing & design Shirley Lo — Game design Doomsday Supper Club — Special thanks

Note: This fundraiser was created for our 2020 fundraiser but due to popular demand, we're keeping the game up through all the pandemic quarantines. Donate anytime via With.Friends or a different method.

Thank you to the Doomsday Supper Club for your support and all our amazing supporters who have pitched in during this maelstrom of a year. We'll continue to develop resources across borders, care for the artists and cultural workers who care for us, and dream of new ways to navigate every storm.