Welcome to China Residencies' quarterly list of deadlines for residencies, call for papers, job opportunities & lots of different things you can apply for that have a connection to China and the greater Chinese diaspora, worldwide. In this ongoing pandemic, many opportunities are now happening online or remotely, and many others are contingent on international and local travel restrictions, as well as quarantine safety measures. Keep in mind that things might be different between now and the deadline, and between now and when the opportunity takes place!

That being said, good luck, take care & share these with anyone who might be interested:


The Chronus Art Center in Shanghai and Duke Kunshan University invite media artists to apply for a fully-funded three month residency between October & December 2020 on the theme of "WWW, World Wide What, or the Revised Onto-Epistemology of the Internet and its Many Connected Things" ($10,000 USD + travel costs.) Apply before the extended deadline, August 3 2020.

HIAP is calling for artists and researchers interested travelling and ecological and environmental questions to submit ideas for a group trip leaving eastbound from Helsinki on the Trans-Siberian Railroad. Apply before August 31st 2020.

Asian American Writers Workshop is calling for emerging writers and poets in NYC to submit for the yearlong Margins Fellowship ($5,000 stipend & residency.) Apply before September 7.

Lucitopia is taking submissions for residencies around "imaginations of natural and unnatural" through 2021, covering international/domestic round-trip flight tickets and transportation (up to RMB 5,000 per person/group), lodging at appointed accommodations, shared studio space, and three meals per day. Apply at least 15 days before the intended project start date.


Loupe in Hong Kong is calling for jewellery designers to apply for their residencies from June to December 2020.

The Hong Kong Art Gallery Association's Artist Residency Abroad Funding Scheme provides up to HK$15,000 for Hong Kong artists seeking artist residencies abroad. Artists need to have been accepted to a residency program and apply one month before the start of the residency.

Studio Gallery in Shanghai is inviting artists to apply to their residency program. More information on the residency here.

Untitled Art Space outside of Shanghai is calling for submissions for summer residencies.

Artlink will feature on their website any artist or gallery associated with China. For more information, click here

SUBMISSIONS ~ Covid-19 responses & emergency funds:

soundpocket in Hong Kong is calling for sounds of "usual" life during the pandemic. Make a sound donation to The Library here.

Send love letters to NYC's Chinatown with Wing On Wo.

Quarantine Residency launched May 24 and is still taking submissions for a VR and 2D virtual gallery space.

Creative Manchester & the Manchester China Institute call for submissions for the 2nd UK-China International Photography Competition around the theme "What does family mean to you?’" Submit by May 25.

The Slants Foundation's "Countering Hate With Art" is seeking to support the work of artist-activists by offering USD$250 grants for works that resemble an open letter to those who are directing negative and hateful acts towards Asians and Asian Americans. Apply by May 31.

"With For About 2020" seeks short films and interviews on art, activism, care and social practice in response to COVID-19 (GBP £300). Rolling deadline until June 18.

Tupelo Press is looking for four 12-page folios of poetry, to be published in forthcoming book  Four Quartets: Poetry in the Pandemic. The four selected poets will receive an $250 honorarium. Apply before midnight on June 30. For more info on requirements and submission guidelines, click here


1A Space hosts the Hong Kong Art Critics Nurturing Programme with a Master Class on "History Research Criticism: Their Whereabouts, Our Position" 7 pm, Sunday May 31 (registration HKD 280)

PEN Heim Translation Fund awards USD $2,000 to $4,000 for young translators working in underrepresented languages. Apply by June 1.

CCVA 13th Annual Conference on the theme "The World, Two Metres Away," focused on Chinese contemporary art and visual culture responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. Apply by May 31.


1A Space in Hong Kong is seeking a Senior Project Executive & a Project Manager. Apply before May 24th.

RADII in Shanghai is hiring an innovation editor to cover technology, as well as for several internships.

The Singapore Art Museum is seeking a Digital Curator.

CHAT in Hong Kong is hiring a Curator and several other roles.

Asia Society in Hong Kong is hiring an Head of Gallery & Exhibitions.

Split Works is looking for a Partnership Manager in Shanghai.

Asia Society in NYC is hiring a Multimedia Producer and Digital Outreach Manager.

Asian American Arts Alliance is seeking a Programs & Communications Manager


The Internet Yami-Ichi at the Chronus Art Center in Shanghai May 30-31

CLOUD 9 Garden Memorials online June 7 & 21

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<3 Dumplings Against Hate <3

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