We are excited to announce the 东亚 East Asia Residency Knowledge Exchange in collaboration with Untitled Space in Jinze, outside Shanghai. 



  • 宮武亜季 Aki Miyatake / Paradise Air / Matsudo, Japan 日本
  • 平野春菜 Haruna Hirano / Kyoto Art Center / Kyoto, Japan 日本
  • 蔡丽媛 Cai Liyuan / 麓湖·A4美术馆 A4 Art Museum  / Chengdu, China 中国成都
  • 杨天歌 Tiange / 中间美术馆 Inside Out Art Museum / Beijing, China
  • 王欣 Wang Xin / House 141 / Zujiajiao, China 中国朱家角
  • 莎莎 Sha Sha / 金泽工艺社 Jinze Art Center / 中国金泽
  • 李卡门 Carmen Herold / 歌德学院 Goethe Institute / Beijing, China 中国北京
  • 需恩得 John Lui / In-Situ Residency / Hong Kong 香港
  • 杨佳霖 Yang Jialin / 微杂院 Micro Yuan'er + Micro Hutong / Beijing, China
  • Leigh Tanner / Museum 2050 / Shanghai, China 中国上海
  • Cathy Fu Yun / Pro Helvetia /Shanghai, China 中国上海
  • 雨萍 Yu Ping / Axel Collective / Xiamen, China 中国厦门
  • 陈春宝 Charlotte Chin / Artist / Singapore 新加坡
  • Kim Jiyoung / Artist / Seoul, South Korea 韩国

Hosted by China Residencies, Jennifer Lindsay & George Liu 刘震 at 无题空间Untitled Space, with visits to the Jinze Art Center, Chronus Art Center, HOW Art Museum, PAPER, am space, OF Course, Nü Voices, Ecole Offshore, M Literary Residency, Studio Gallery & more.   

People who run residencies work tirelessly to support the artists they host, and often don't get the chance to take a step back and reflect on the future of their organizations, the nature of their work, or even simply catch up with colleagues. The cost of international travel and the difficulty in obtaining visas adds to the challenge of creating meaningful and lasting international exchange between mainland China and the rest of the world.



Residency Knowledge Exchange was started to address this situation. In our first iteration in 2016, with the support of Transnational Dialogues, we helped a young arts administrator from China, Hu Xinru 胡欣茹, Red Gate Residency's coordinator, travel abroad for the first time to meet with cultural practitioners in the UK.

驻地计划经验交流也是为了讨论这种现状而将建立的。首次项目在2016年发起,在Transnational Dialogues的支持下,我们帮助年轻的艺术管理人员,来自红门驻地计划的联络人胡欣茹,第一次前往海外与英国的艺术文化从业人员交流。


Last year, Coral Lu of Dong Dong & Lulu (China), Syar Alia of Rimbun Dahan (Malaysia), Anna Lovecchio of NTU Centre for Contemporary Art (Singapore), Emma Lee of Kiwisual (China), and Wong Ker Sin of East Coast (Malaysia) participated in our 东 x 东南亚 East x South East Asia Residency Knowledge Exchange between China and South East Asia.

去年,来自Dong Dong & Lulu(中国)的Coral Lu、Rimbun Dahan (马来西亚)的Syar Alia、NTU Centre for Contemporary Art(新加坡)的Anna Lovecchio、Kiwisual (中国)的Emma Lee和East Coast(马来西亚)的Wong Ker Sin参加了我们的东 x 东南亚驻地计划经验交流项目,基于中国和东南亚的范围。

This year we are calling for all residency directors, coordinators, and administrators  working in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Mongolia, Japan and South Korea to apply for one to three week residencies at Untitled Space in Jinze this June to exchange best practices, devise innovative solutions to common challenges, and share strategies for increasing cultural exchange within the region. Selected residency staff will be provided with accommodations at Untitled Space. Stipends are not available at this time nor is it possible to cover meals and travel costs. Possible travel fund might become available depending on suggested donation application fees. For those interested in knowing more about past experiences, check out Emma Lee's interview or Hu Xinru's travel log.

今年我们面向工作在中国大陆、香港、澳门、台湾、蒙古、日本和韩国的驻地计划总监、联络人和管理人员,在今年六月份,在上海金泽的无题空间展开一到三周的驻地计划。来交流面对共同挑战的更好实践方式,更创想的解决方法,以及分享提升地区文化交流的策略。无题空间会为入选的驻地工作人员提供种住宿空间。薪酬目前暂不提供,以及不包括餐旅费用。根据相应的捐助和申请费,旅行的基金可能提供。想要了解更多关于此项目的相关历史,请参考Emma Lee对胡欣茹的采访。


Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis until May 8th. Apply now or directly through the form below: