We're excited to take part in the 2nd edition of Independent Art Spaces Beijing, themed Be Water 试水! 

Kira, China Residencies's co-founder, will be staging an Ice Treats Exchange during the entire festival, as well as during a very special party on Wednesday August 24th at Wujin 五金, featuring the work of our latest #slowtrain resident Roopa Vasudevan.

About Ice Treats Exchange:

Ice cream was likely invented in China thousands of years ago, and in 2014, China overtook every other country to become the world's largest market for ice cream. It's hot in August in Beijing, basically everyone likes popsicles, and pretty much every culture has a version of a frozen delicious thing. There's açaí na tigela in Brazil, bingsu in Korea, fadooleh in Iran, huckabuck across the southern USA, guri-guri in Hawai'i, granitas in Italy, halo halo in the Phillipines, kulfi in India, namkhaeng sai in Thailand, paletas in Mexico, piraguas from Puerto Rico -- and that's just what Wikipedia knows. By crowdsourcing recipes, we're hoping to end up with family recipes for homemade popsicles, water ice, snowcones, ice-cream sandwiches and other frozen ice-based treats from people all around the world to share online, and then make these delicious cold things in Beijing to exchange during events throughout the whole week of Independent Art Spaces Beijing.

Ice Treats Exchange is a continuation of China Residencies's co-founder Crystal's Cupcake Exchange, "a reoccurring project offering homemade cupcakes in return for cultural exchange or items to raise questions on consumerism, cultural colonialism, evangelism, and nationalism." In the past two years since Crystal passed away, these issues grew even more pressing, and we hope this simple exchange of ice treats will bring about silly and serious discussions around globalisation, multiculturalism, and the commodification of cultural exchange.


冰品在中国有着悠久的历史,在2014年中国超越了其他国家成为了最大的甜品消费国。 八月的北京夏日炎炎,每个人都想要来根冰棒消暑。全世界不同国家都有自己特别的夏日冰品,我们希望通过搜集不同的甜品食谱来分享在我们的网站上。并且通过北京独立艺术空间这个平台将这些食谱做成现成的夏日甜品分享给大家。


Please submit your recipes below!