The awesome people who start and run residency programs work tirelessly to host artists from all around the world. They welcome these artists to Beijing, introduce them to the city's opportunities and eccentricities, and help them navigate the challenges of realizing new ideas here.

开设和管理艺术驻地项目的人特别厉害。它们一直欢迎从世界各地来的艺术家來到北京, 而且给它们介绍本城市的机会和怪癖,也努力帮助他们解决所有在创造过程中面临的问题。

Running a residency is hard work, and sometime the dedicated people behind the scenes don't get the thanks they deserve. So join us Sunday evening to celebrate these lovely people, buy them a drink, and let them know we know we couldn't do it all without them!

  • please consider giving a suggested donation to cover drinks & surprises for our beloved residency directors 建议的捐献包括送给亲爱的驻地项目管人饮料和礼物

  • RSVP to nihao @ or on Facebook 
  • 能过来的话,请写邮件到nihao @,或翻墙在facebook留言。

  1. Friday May 13 周五五月十三号
  2. 8 - 11 pm 八-十一点
  3. Basement6
  4. 115 Pingwu Lu 平武路115号

  6. ***from our very cool friends at Basement 6***
  7. 我们将在地下室举办中国驻地艺术项目主体轮滑派对! 30元轮滑鞋租赁费,非常合理的酒水价格,欢迎你来和我们一起感谢这些可爱的非盈利组织成员!

  8. We open our doors and skate collection this Friday 13 to wish some good luck to the good people at China Residencies. Skates are 30RMB to rent, drinks are cheap and consider a donation to a fellow Non-For-Profit art platform. 

  9. 六号地下室艺术空间2015年四月迁址平武路115号地下室(Uptown黑胶店隔壁),我们计划在这个新鲜空间里为上海独立文化带来更多更精彩的展览,创意活动和工作坊。b6c成员来自不同的艺术背景,爱社区文化也爱实验艺术。我们将致力于为艺术家及潜在艺术家创造一个发展和自我突破的平台,也非常乐意成为一个联接海外和本土艺术家社区的枢纽站.

  10. Now at Uptown Records, Basement 6 aims to bring exhibitions, creative events and workshops to the Shanghai independent art scene. We function as a collective of multiple disciplinary artists focused in experimentation and the social arts. Our mission is to provide a platform for upcoming and established artists to venture into new mediums and aim to bridge international and local communities.