Please join us at the Alliance of Artist Communities Annual Conference, held in Providence, Rhode Island (USA) from October 13th - 16th, where China Residencies' co-founder Kira Simon-Kennedy will be leading a panel discussion on the topic of Alternative Models for Artist Residencies in China.

An energetic network of artist-run spaces and artist residencies has formed in China’s rural and urban centers, despite almost no public funding for the arts. Residencies must constantly come up with creative strategies for funding artists, finding space, and collaborating with local communities, universities, tech startups, organic farms, hotels, and even trans-Pacific container ships. Join residency directors, funders, and organizers with a birds-eye view for a tour of the quickly changing landscape and new perspectives on sustainability.


Jay Brown | Founder + Director, Lijiang Studio
Emma Karasz | Director, Red Gate Residency
Kira Simon-Kennedy | Co-Founder + Program Manager, China Residencies (moderator)

Register for a day or for the full conference here.