Here at Yun Zhu Lake we are developing a new residential and multi-cultural area in the Shanxi province of China. It is a dynamic and amazing paradise that combines the arts, the performing arts, sports, education, and nature conservancy in a beautiful scenic lake area. Our goal is the meaningful exchange of creative ideas between artists around the world and artists in our community at Yun Zhu Lake. We are building an art center where artists can fulfill their dreams. Local communities can join in our activities and gain access to new forms of art.
During the “Project Based” residency, artists will have an opportunity to design and complete art for specific sites both for interior and exterior locations on Yun Zhu Lake Sports Resort. Several options include: interior and exterior murals, lighting design, interior sculptures and wall installations in the Art Center and surrounding hotels and buildings, large outdoor sculptures, and environmental installations. Our design team, architect and construction crew will work closely with resident artists to achieve their creative dreams.
Artist residents can expect to participate in the following:

- Share your creative talent, skill and experience for creative projects
- Participate in an art exhibition
- Do workshops within the Art Village community
- Participate in a performance with local residents.
- Give presentations on their art

Eligible Applicants

Our residency program welcomes passionate, focused and self-motivated artists with at least three years’ experience in their chosen field including the following: hot glass, warm glass, ceramics, mural design, mosaic arts, metal, wood, stone, mixed-media sculpture, site-specific sculpture, installation art, puppetry, music and the performing arts.

Application Process

The residency program begins April 1 and ends December 1 each year. The 2018 residency begins May 1. The length of the residency varies with a minimum term of two months and a maximum term of six months (or other arranged time).

For application Email:


YZ Creative Art Center is part of Yun Zhu Lake Sports Resort .Yun Zhu Lake Sports Resort is located at Yushe country, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, China.

The following compensation is provided by our organization:
- Fully paid round trip airfare and visa processing fees.
- Housing within the community with breakfast, lunch and dinner provided daily.
- Private studio space with basic tools and materials. Residents are encouraged to bring special tools and materials.
- A weekly stipend (determined by length of stay).
- Opportunities for sightseeing and tours can be arranged.

Program Fees

YZ Creative Art Center is part of Yunzhu Lake Sports Resort which is developed by Yun Zhu Lake Scenic Development Co. LTD. The company provides funding, facilities, accommodations, and studio space with basic tools and materials for the artists. Our residency program is not for profit. Yun Zhu Lake Scenic Development Co. LTD funds this project.

Additional Information

For more information please email