[This residency closed in 2014]

The International Art Residency Beijing, operated by the Where Where Art Space, welcomes innovative and explorative artistic projects that intersect with the dynamic contemporary artistic community in China. The residency operates as a research and production facility for international artistic communities. IARB brings artists in contact with the cultural networks in Beijing, establishing a range of professional contacts that are tailored to each residency project. We work with just one resident artist through each session. This unique residency program acts a dynamic link for individuals who want to create their artistic projects within the rapidly changing and expanding landscape of contemporary Chinese art. Our objective is to provide a facility for artists to fully develop their projects with all of the necessary support to create engaging new work.

Eligible Applicants

The program is intended for visual artists, critics, writers and curators of contemporary art, but we welcome inquiries from other disciplines. All individuals including emerging, mid-career, and established artists are eligible to apply. Artists are selected based on the quality of their work and the likelihood of a valuable exchange in Beijing. The selection process is made by the Where Where Art Space staff members. We have cooperated with international funding agencies and art organizations that support artists. We would be pleased to provide suggestions and advice on securing support for your project.

Application Process

If you are planning a visit to Beijing and are considering a residency at IARB please contact us via to check on availability and appropriateness of our space for your activity before applying. The program is managed on a not-for-profit basis. As there is very limited public or private funding available for residency programs in China, participants are expected to cover travel and studio fees. Where Where Art Space provides an orientation to the artistic community, and the environment for meaningful artistic experiences and exchanges. All participates accepted into the program will be provided letters of support and invitation to assist with grant applications. Booking should be made well in advance, although at times we may have last minute space available.

There are no application deadlines. Applicants will be notified within three weeks of receipt of emailed applications.

Application Guidelines
Please provide:
- Completed application form
- A written description (Microsoft Word document if possible) outlining your residency goals and objective, C.V. outlining artistic accomplishments, awards, exhibitions, published work etc.
- A list of equipment or specialized production requirements beyond those you will provide
- Visual artists: include 10-20 jpegs (max .5 meg each image) of your recent work and/or link to your website. Digital scans or DPF’s of recent articles, reviews, and catalogues (if available)

Please clearly title/labeled all materials submitted Materials should be sent via


The Residency/Apartment is a completely self-contained, 96 square meter (1030 sq. ft) work and living space.

- Large working studio space
- Enclosed kitchen; fridge, cooking element, sink, kitchen cabinets
- Enclosed bedroom
- Private bathroom (hot/cold sink and shower, toilet)
- Dining and living area (dining table, chairs, couch, bookcase)
- Private Sundeck and work space
- 5 meters high-ceiling with 4, two-meter windows providing abundant natural lighting
- Heating, air conditioning, kitchen gear, furnishings and linens
- Wireless internet connection
- Access to washing machine
- A bicycle and lock are provided
- We also provide a cell phone with a local number
- Space can be organized to suite your individual project
- Double-locked, secure space

Program Fees

The cost for the apartment/studio is 10,000 RMB per month (approx. $1,600 US / 1,200 EUR) and includes electricity, water, heating, internet, and a comprehensive orientation to Beijing. Payment can be made in euros, US dollars or RMB, (PayPal payments accepted)

Other Expenses:
Basic day-to-day living expenses (food and transport) are about 3000 RMB per month.
Please also budget for work assistants, interpreters or potential expenses for your residency project plan.
Daily food, drinking water, and related costs are the responsibility of resident

Additional Information

Our program covers airport pickup, an orientation package including local maps, guide books, taxi guide, orientation manual, and local cell phone (calling card responsibility of resident artist). In addition, we work closely with residents to connect them with relevant activities in the cultural community including gallery openings, lectures, symposiums, and a host of other special events.
Living: There is a washing machine in the first floor bathroom available for use. A dryer is not available – clothes are air-dried. Laundromat facilities are close by in Caochangdi.
Tourist Information Popular Beijing events websites are and Common ex-pat events magazines are That’s Beijing, City Weekend, and TimeOut.
Translation and Production Assistants - Translation outside of the studio/gallery and production assistants for the day can be arranged for a fee. (The artist should provide the day’s lunch and taxi fare)
Travel and Health Insurance - It is strongly advised to obtain travel and health insurance.
Bookings - bookings are made with a 30% non-refundable deposit payable at the time of registration. Tentative reservations can be made while you seek funding support, but the space is only confirmed with a deposit. The balance is due upon arrival. (Residencies are booked on a monthly basis, beginning on the 1st of each month, although shorter visits or mid-month arrivals and departures will be considered under special circumstances)
Cancellation Policy - Due to the difficulty of filling cancelled paid bookings at short notice, cancellations within six months of arrival will only be refunded if replacement residents can be found.