kiwisual is named after designer Kiwi Chan, who was inspired during a trip to Sichuan and Yunnan in 2004 to create a series of oval, cube and triangular-shaped "artistic stones” after the trip. “Where should I put the stones?” Kiwi thought, on completion of the series.

Meanwhile, he was also picking up photography, discovering the fun of RVs, and thinking more and more about establishing a space to meet with friends: the idea of an artistic space was born. He found a quiet and peaceful corner 30 minutes away from downtown Guangzhou, and built up an ecological and artistic resort there, building on the inspiration generated from the many journeys over the years, with materials of different forms and designs, and in his creative spatial disciplines of “heaven, earth and water”. That was how Arteco was born.

Arteco is an ecological and artistic resort located in suburban Guangzhou, with facilities including log cabins, RVs, fish ponds, Chinese and western cuisine, and farms. Besides offering ecological fun, the other signature offer of Arteco is its artist-in-residence project that invites artists of different artistic disciplines and cultural backgrounds for on-site crossover creation with the "kiwisual Artistic Stones", making it one of the platforms of culture and arts of the city.

Eligible Applicants

Artists who engage in painting aged 18 or above.

Past artists-in-residence have come from Hong Kong, China, the USA & Europe.

Past artists:

Application Process

International artists who engage in painting aged 18 or above.

Length of residence is not limited with a monthly fee.

Artists who are interested please send your bio and portfolio to Please state if you will work with the "kiwisual Artistic Stones" or not.


Located in Panyu Guangzhou—5 minutes from Guangzhou South Railway Station, Arteco boasts of its reservation of the nature. Facilities include log cabins, RVs, twin ponds, organic farms, recreation & entertainment (outdoor karaoke) and Chinese/western cuisine. With an area of 34,000 square meters, Arteco also serves as a perfect venue for high-end tailormade arts/cultural events.

There are 10 log cabins at Arteco, all with standard twin beds, independent bathrooms and balconies. They are great inspiration for art and creative writing.

The studio is 55-square-meter, equipped with a 60-inch hi-fi PC screen, and perfect for artistic creation, meetings and DIY workshops.

You can pick vegetables at the farm and cook in the 70 square meters kitchen with professional kitchenware.
One artist in residence said: "it’s been a transcendent experience!"—That has become our promise since.

Program Fees

6,500 RMB/month including accommodation and food.

Every now and then, we will fund 1 artist to work with the "kiwisual Artistic Stones" on the condition that his or her work is approved by our Art Director.

All artists shall be responsible for his or her visa and air fare to travel to China;

An accompanying spouse will depend on the specific circumstances.

Additional Information

kiwisual will organize at least one public exhibition for the artists' stonework every year.

Past exhibitions:

1. Joint Exhibition of 4 Artists’ Cross-over kiwisual Stones

Fang Suo Commune, Guangzhou, December 2014

2. Chinese-styled kiwisual Stones Charity Exhibition

Foshan Golf Club, Foshan, March 2015

3. "Stone Talk" Exhibition

Upperhills, Shenzhen, March 2015

4. Art Canton 2016 (Guangzhou)

5. Shanghai Art Fair 2016

And the list is expanding as our gallery in Wuxi City opened in May 2017. We are keen on working with professional artists from all over the world.