Jardin Orange (“Orange Garden”) is an artist residency in Shenzhen, China. It is host to and seeks to promote the world’s best contemporary artists within China. It is able to do this by inviting a regular rotation of recognized international and local artists to develop their unique visions within its walls. The overall mission of this project is to become an active participant in the region’s artistic growth as well as to become a “magnet” residency that attracts and supports very talented artists from across the world.

Jardin Orange Artist Residency seeks to be an "urban sanctuary" for its artists: it provides a quiet, yet inspirational, retreat in that gives individuals a totally new frame of mind (and space) that will help them to focus and explore a variety of techniques and be inspired in their expression.

Eligible Applicants

The residency encourages artists to experiment with their talents and techniques and push beyond their normal expressions to jump to the forefront of the contemporary scene. During each artist’s time at the residency, anywhere from a few weeks to two months, he/she is fully sponsored so that he/she may research, design, experiment and.. produce truly inspirational works that will be exhibited in the residency's gallery... and across the world.

Application Process

For artists interested in applying, applications are submitted by e-mail to
A complete application includes:
- an updated CV and biography (including all exhibition events / websites / shows)
- a high-resolution portfolio of some of your art work of the past 4 years (.pdf)
- online or digital price reference list for recently sold canvases or works.


This residency is a project inside of a much larger property development plan for northern Shenzhen. Surrounded by universities and art schools and parks, the area around is quickly being transformed into an artistic and design-focused neighbourhood that will be full of young students, foreign restaurants and families. Within the next two years, SoFun Land, as the area is called, is projected to become the most dynamic of the whole city. Jardin Orange will help to introduce the Chinese population to the world’s contemporary art scene and street art, but also strives to bring the world's attention and focus to see the potential and future that is within China.
Being located in China, Jardin Orange has certain advantages. First of all, there is quick and efficient access to production factories that help artists experiment with various kinds of works (for example, to make sculptures and plastic).

For the artist to be in a culturally different and surprising environment, many have found themselves “refreshed” and inspired by the pace around them. Often, several artists have lovingly described the spontaneous adventures and surprises of day-to-day moments in this part of the world as “#Chinalife”.

Program Fees

The artist is fully sponsored so that he/she may research, design, experiment and produce inspirational works that will then be exhibited in the gallery.and public viewings and sale.