I: project space is a non-profit platform hosting an Artist-in-Residence program, exhibitions, workshops, lectures etc. The space is based in the heart of Beijing, the Hutong area.

The non-profit character of the art space is a necessity to guarantee an autonomous and independent dialogue about art. The artists will not only work in our facilities, but also be in close contact with the Chinese art scene and academies. We will enable them to get in touch with the fast growing art scene in China and foster long lasting relationships between China and abroad. For the local artist community I: project space provides a space to realize non-profit oriented art projects.

I: project space was founded by two curators and art critics Antonie Angerer and Anna-Viktoria Eschbach.

Eligible Applicants

The program is open to artists who work in all disciplines, however one must note the restricted facilities. It is intended for artists, curators, writers, architects from all around the world who want to use their time at I: project space to further research a specific topic in China or want to realize a concrete project at I: project space.

Please note that I: project space strongly encourages projects that involve local research and consultation rather than those relying solely on studio practice. Interaction between disciplines is very much encouraged.

We require artist to hold at least one public event during their residency. This can be in the form of an exhibition showcasing new works or a workshop, lecture, etc.

Application Process

I: project space hosts a minimum of 4 residencies every year. Each residency should last at least 2 month and should not be longer than 3 month.

Artists can apply online here:

Applicants are furthermore required to pay the application fee of 25 €.


Within the courtyard of I: project space resident artist get a spacious working and living room with a shared bathroom/kitchen. The room is equipped with a bed, a table, storage space and has a wireless Internet access. Across the courtyard is the exhibition space of I: project space that the artist can use for their presentations or exhibition during or at the end of their stay.

The neighborhood of I: project space is in the vibrant surrounding of the hutong area of Beijing. In walking distance is a subway station, a variety of restaurants, bars and grocery shops. I: project space is also in the direct neighborhood of several other art spaces and art projects, with whom we interact in many ways.

Program Fees

The program of I: project space is not intended to make any form of financial profit and is devoted to spent any funding entirely in the securing and the development of the Artist-in-Residence program. Because of the very limited public or private funding available for residency programs in China, participants are therefore expected to apply for funding in cooperation with I: project space after been accepted into the program. There is also the possibility to apply for the residency, when the applicant has already been accepted to funding by another organization.

Living expenses and other foreseeable expenses during the residency have to be paid by the artist.

Additional Information

Participants are also encouraged to take an active role in developing the program and are welcome to arrange seminars, workshops, guest lectures, etc.

Besides the studio the resident artist can make use of the exhibition space to realize own projects or present works.

Past artists:
- Andrew de Freitas
- Martin Kohout
- Jannis Schulze
- Daniel Stubenvoll
- Michael Bodenmann
- Annalena Müller